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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Washington DC

Washington DC Monument

Washington DC is a beautiful and vast city. The home city of fine arts and museums and also the capital of the United States of America. Fresh food, vibrant nightlife, and many famous monuments bring crowds of tourists every year to this beautiful city.

You can enjoy the scenery from the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument to the vast array of Smithsonian Museums and art galleries. You can spend days exploring Washington DC and won’t experience it all. Here are top-rated tourist attractions in Washington DC that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Top-rated tourist attractions in Washington DC

Before we dive deeper into each attraction, let’s first look at what to expect from this city. Washington DC has many things to offer, no matter where you come from or your tourist preferences. Here are some of the top-rated attractions:

  • Lincoln Memorial
  • The Tidal Basin
  • Washington Monument
  • US Capitol
  • The White House
  • National Space and Air Museum
  • Smithsonian Museums

And the list goes on and on. When visiting this marvelous city, experts at recommend taking a couple of days to experience most of what this beautiful city offers. To truly appreciate this wonderful city and its many attractions, preparations for a couple of days’ journey are the key.

Lincoln Memorial

The famous Lincoln Memorial has become one of Washington DC’s most popular, top-rated tourist attractions ever since it was erected in 1922. Dedicated to the US 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, this monument stands for the testament and genuine faith of the American people. 

This enormous Greek Doric-style temple, with a massive statue of Abraham Lincoln as a centerpiece, brings millions of tourists worldwide. Some of them even decide to become residents of Washington DC. This well-known monument has been seen in many films and is the place where Martin Luther King gave his famous ” I have a dream” speech in 1963. 

When visiting Washington DC, don’t miss out on the chance to experience this famous monument.

The Tidal Basin

Although not as popular as Lincoln Memorial or the Washington Monument, The Tidal Basin is a stunning attraction. Home to the Jefferson Memorial, this scenic “garden” is truly a masterpiece.

 The Jefferson Monument, dedicated to US president Thomas Jefferson, stands out from the surroundings and is situated at the far end of the Tidal Pool. His reflection in the calm waters gives it a peaceful yet awe-inspiring presence. 

The surrounding gardens are a tranquil place to visit and experience. Cherry blossom trees adorn these gardens as a gift from the Japanese people. Most tourists come here in spring when all the cherries blossom and the Cherry Blossom Festival is held.

The Washington Monument

When in Washington DC and making a list of things to see, do not miss out on the chance to visit this monument. This iconic 555-foot-tall obelisk is known throughout the world. Its construction started back in the 18th century. Many films, postcards, and stamps have images of this beautiful monument.

 However, due to many factors, work on the monument was completed only at the end of the 19th century. Today its grand design and architecture mirror its beauty in the Reflection Pool in the Mall. Moreover, its captivating design brings hordes of tourists from around the world. Visitors love to bask in its grandeur and take the time to view the monument from and sides. You can also take an elevator to the top of the obelisk to enjoy the view of Washington DC.

National Space and Air Museum 

If you are a space and aircraft lover, there is a perfect spot for you. Whether your group has children or adults, National Space and Air Museum will captivate you. Here you will encounter planes, airships, and spaceships alike. 

You will also have an opportunity to sit in the cockpits and learn to pilot the aircraft through simulations. There is a unique tour where you can learn about space travel and flight. From all other exhibitions, you will be able to see the Apollo 11 command module and the Spirit of St. Louis, the first plane to fly solo over the Atlantic Ocean.

Capitol Hill 

One of the greatest and undoubtedly top-rated attractions that you can visit when in Washington DC is Capitol Hill. This guide open tour spot is the home to the US Congress, Library of Congress, and Congressional Cemetery. 

These famous landmarks are must-see attractions to experience in Washington DC. Taking a stroll on the stairs of Capitol Hill or a walk through all of the complexes can help you enjoy the stunning surroundings. The tour offers visits to more adjacent sites and brunch locations to see and visit, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience it.

White House

The White House is one of the most iconic landmarks in the US and the world. This famous house is the home of every US president. Additionally, this building has been home to many more brilliant people and professional staff throughout its lifespan. 

There are a lot of different tours you can take, but going inside can be a little tricky. Most tourist visits are held outside or through the adjacent buildings. However, tours give visitors a picturesque view of the house, the surrounding monuments, cannons, and flags. Although going on the inside tour may be hard to come by, seeing it outside is also worth your time and money, so do not miss out on the chance to see these top-rated tourist attractions in Washington DC.

Moving to Washington DC

Many people who visit Washington DC fall in love with the city and decide to make it their home. The process of moving can be challenging and stressful, even more so if you are planning to move to a major city such as Washington DC. 

Therefore it can be wise to hire help from a local moving company, since they can help you settle in here stress-free and with ease. Instead of tackling the entire relocation process yourself, you can hire experts in the field who are punctual, reliable, and fast. And most of all, they will do all the work for you while you can dedicate your time and money to other more pressing matters.

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