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Top Rated Brunch Spots in Washington DC

It is a known fact that in DC, people adore brunch. This meal is far more than sitting and having an alcoholic drink with a massive portion of French toast. DC offers various options, including casual eateries where you can grab a breakfast sandwich to cure a hangover. 

There are also popular eateries where you can chow down on traditional dishes such as poached eggs, waffles, and brunch deals that outcompete even the best cocktail hour in the city. So whether you like a salad for brunch or something heavier, this list of top-rated brunch spots in Washington DC will help you decide. 

Top-Rated Brunch Spots in Washington DC

It might be challenging to decide where to meet up with friends, family, and significant others for a brunch when so many eateries provide some variant. Whether you prefer eggs served with handmade Malaysian sambal or French toast with fried chicken biscuits, this list is packed with eateries that are well worth the time and money. 

 It might be challenging to decide where to meet up with friends, family, and significant others for a brunch. 

Maybe you and your family just relocated. Moving your entire family may be challenging and stressful. When it’s all over, you’ll have to allow yourself and the people you care about some time and a chance to adjust. And keep in mind that this time, it’s not just you. Moving with children is significantly more difficult. 

Going out and exploring your new area is undoubtedly one of the activities you can do. That is not all, though. You will need to take different actions to make it simpler for them depending on their age. Eating out may be one of the most enjoyable family activities after the move. So while you explore the city together, check this list of fine brunch places.

DC’s Founding Farmers

The prize-winning Founding Farmer’s main restaurant, located three streets west of the White House, has drawn residents and tourists since it first opened in 2008. Founders Farmers DC invites you to attend a full-service restaurant and bar owned by American family farmers to a large extent. 

Their menus provide American-inspired cuisine and drink produced from scratch using ingredients carefully sourced by ranchers we trust. Visitors may gather at handcrafted communal farm dining tables in the farmhouse or choose more private setting options, such as well-liked silo-shaped booths. A giant flying Pegasus from the Founding Farmers DC restaurant is one of the original artwork on display.

Try food made from scratch using ingredients that have been carefully sourced by ranchers we trust

Muchas Gracias

It’s difficult to top the origin tale of this restaurant, which emerged during the epidemic as a humble takeout restaurant and charity-driven grocery store. The eatery has upgraded its facilities and methods to support the front and back terrace and a killer brunch service. 

Taco Platter is packed with protein choices like Apple Cider Pork Carnitas and shared dishes like Queso Fundido with Mezcal and Organic Bean Tostada. These are just a few of the Oaxacan-inspired menu items. Expect a lot of tequila and mezcal cocktails for brunch here. If you like outdoors sitting restaurants, make sure to come here.

Stomping Ground

The biscuits at Stomping Ground may be the greatest in the DC area. We’re talking about perfect biscuits. They taste somewhat acidic, are crumbly, and are nice and airy. They dissolve in your mouth. And they put this place on the map as one of the top-rated brunch spots in Washington DC.

 In Alexandria, Virginia’s Del Ray district, you will find this cozy, small restaurant called Stomping Ground. The residents who have just returned from the adjacent farmers’ market like to eat breakfast here. Come for a meal on the terrace or get a cookie to go. The basic fried chicken sandwich on the menu is our favorite dish. It includes homemade pickles, pimento cheese, and fried chicken. Amazingly simple, they have special biscuits and French toast brunch, which you must try. 

Residents Cafe & Bar

This “café” is located within a row of houses painted black. It has a sizable terrace out front that is covered in plants. The room, divided into two levels, is appealing because of a bar that is surrounded by comfortable chairs, exposed brick, and mid-century modern stools. The only items that add to the old feelings are Edison lamps and white hexagonal floor tiles. 

The menu highlights a variety of modern dishes with Middle Eastern and European influences. If you love good salads, picture smoky classic baby carrots with harissa and pistachio dukkah, Turkish eggs or salmon pastrami, and chicken schnitzel with a salad of Romaine’s hearts, grilled corn, and tomatoes in an herb dressing. Just choose one. Only a Caribbean coffee can compete with a classic and flawless Basque cake powdered with ras el hanout at brunch.

The menu highlights a variety of modern dishes with Middle Eastern and European influences.

Due South

Experts at Verified movers recommend relaxing after the move with something enjoyable. In that case, you do not miss Due South restaurant. The brunch at Due South is just outstanding, and they provide some of the most extraordinary southern cuisines in DC.

Go together for a delectable breakfast and work it off on the lovely riverfront promenade in Navy Yard. Although Due South serves delicious burgers, shrimp, grits, and biscuits, you must try the Due South Benedict. Instead of the usual eggs-on-ham benedict, it is stuffed with very smoky and sour pulled pork that has been smoked on-site. Oh, and a biscuit is used for presentation. We also have to add the crispy morning potatoes if you are still not convinced. Since they are extraordinary, we adore it if a side dish is as delectable as the main meal.


There are several fantastic eateries in Washington, DC, including brunch hotspots. Our dining establishments include fancy restaurants and contemporary cafes where you can savor fluffy waffles and inventive egg dishes. Treat yourself to one of the brunch spots. Remember that no matter what you choose from our list of the top-rated brunch spots in Washington DC, you won’t be disappointed. Make sure to relax and have fun.

Meta: No matter what you choose from our list of the top-rated brunch spots in Washington DC, you won’t be disappointed. 

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