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Tips for Staging A Home On A Budget

You’re preapproved for your loan and are looking at houses at a rapid pace. In fact, things are go so well that you find your next home before there are any nibbles on your current house. Juggling houses can be difficult in this situation since you’ll be emptying your house before it even sells.

This poses a unique issue of needing to stage the home. A house is warmer and more inviting when it looks lived in and not abandoned. Sometimes sellers may stage their homes right off the bat to make it more appealing to buyers. They put their furniture in storage and bring in the professionals.

No matter the situation, staging a home helps it sell faster by increasing its appeal to the buyer. Hiring professional stagers can be an enormous expense, so if you want to stage your home without breaking the bank, check out these tips for staging a house on a budget.

Find cheap, free, or used furniture

“If you list it, they will come” … pick it up and pay for it. There are hundreds of websites and apps designed to help people get rid of their old furniture. Instead of just throwing out functional pieces, many people list their furniture at a low cost or even free sometimes. Peruse these sites vigilantly for pieces that could work in your home.

Significant items to get from these sites include bed frames, kitchen and dining sets, small décor pieces, and couches. Remember, some free items may show wear or damage, but with a bit of care and minimal effort, you can restore it quickly, cheaply, and easily. An example of this may be an old wooden headboard that has some scratches and wear on it. Invest in some low grit sandpaper, stain pen, and color in the scratches.

People won’t examine your furniture that closely and won’t even notice the do-it-yourself rehab—they’ll be happily distracted by the beautiful room, natural lighting, and gorgeous lighting fixtures.

For couches and other seating that may have been scratched up by a cat or ripped open from wear, invest in a slipcover. While there are a few considerations when buying a slipcover, you can find or order a custom one that fits perfectly, potential buyers will be none-the-wiser that the couch was $20 at a garage sale. They’ll just see a stylish couch that fits perfectly in the living room. Expert staging helps potential buyers imagine their own furniture in the house. If they like the staging well enough, their offer might include some of your rehab pieces that can help close the deal, and in the process find homes for your staging items.

Less is More

Even if minimalism isn’t your usual home décor style, it is the best choice for home www. Think in terms of spaciousness. The less clutter on the walls and floors, the larger the space will look. Put in necessary furniture pieces such as a kitchen or dining room table, a bed and side table, a couch and seating options, and a coat rack and space for shoes at the front door.

Aside from these items, keep the décor to a minimum. Hang a few neutral wall décor pieces but try to limit it to one or two per room and keep hallways clear of clutter. This helps the buyer imagine their own décor and family photos in the home, rather than having to look past yours.

Get it Ready and We’ll Sell It

You don’t have to host a show on HGTV to be qualified to stage your own home. You know the space well and can capitalize on it by injecting some of these tips.

If you are looking for help selling or are hunting for your new home, let one of our expert team members here at Eng Garcia help make your dream a reality.



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