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The 8 Best Gyms in Washington DC

People in DC take their fitness seriously.

Maybe because everyone works so hard, they take that ethic into their workouts as well. And everyone we know is sure that their gym is the best one. We’ve compiled a list of gyms whose devotees are the most vocal (and buff) to help you find a workout place that works for you.

Balance Gym

Named Best Gym in City Paper’s most recent Reader’s Choice Poll, Balance Gym offers a variety of programs for both youth and adults.

With locations throughout the area, and add-ons like massage, personal training, physical therapy, and more, Balance Gym can help you achieve your physical fitness goals. If your goals are more inner than outer, chill out at Somaspa, with all of the massage and beauty treatments, your heart could desire.

Vida Fitness

Vida Fitness offers a variety of memberships and locations all over the area. Join a single club if you like the consistency of one nearby gym, or all six area clubs if you want the convenience of dropping in whenever and wherever.

Want a little glamour with your workout? Join the Pool Club for access to one of Vida’s two Penthouse Pool and Lounge location. As the site says: Work Hard, Play Hard.

Elevate Interval Fitness

For a little less glam and a little more hardcore, Elevate is an area favorite. Elevate’s interval training is designed to maximize athletic ability, strength, and endurance. Workouts are structured and change daily, so you get more coaching for more exceptional results.

Crossfit MPH

Located near Logan Circle, Crossfit MPH emphasizes form, coaching, and results. They offer a free workout every Saturday, so if you’ve been thinking about trying Crossfit, you can drop in and go for a test drive.

And with additions like Rowing and Recovery Yoga, you’ll never get bored with your workout!

Zengo Cycle

Run by certified master instructors, Zengo classes combine cardio, core, and weight training into a 50-minute cycling workout.

And unlike many other gyms that require monthly membership fees, Zengo Cycle charges by the workout, so if you travel frequently or don’t work out consistently, this might be a good option.

Pure Barre

With studios throughout the DC area, Pure Barre is not for the faint of heart. With a 55 minute workout that encompasses elements of ballet, strength training, and isometric movements, Pure Barre is a tough workout even for advanced fitness enthusiasts.

But the first month is unlimited, so you can get up to speed and find out if Pure Barre is for you.

Yoga District

With locations all over the area and a variety of classes and programs to choose from, Yoga District offers everything from Self Defense to one-on-one coaching to teacher training to retreats.

Classes are very affordable, and Yoga District even offers a sliding scale, free, and by donation classes, while still maintaining everyone’s favorite yoga studios in the city.

Fuse Pilates

Whether you want to work out through floor work, the Reformer, the Ladder, or Toys, you will love Fuse Pilates. Fuse offers classes and coaching for all fitness levels, and innovative and inspired routines to get you in great shape.

They also offer classes for those training to use Pilates as therapy for conditions including MS, and teachers here volunteer to teach classes for charitable organizations throughout the area.


Whatever your fitness level, you’re sure to find something to love at one of these great Washington DC  gyms. Did your gym make the list?  And if your workout takes you to one of these great gyms, or a favorite hiking or biking trail, we can find a home for you in the area.

We know Washington DC, and our Eng Garcia can help you find the right place, whether you’re looking for walkability or a quiet spot for your yoga practice. Contact us today and let us help you buy your little piece of DC.

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