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Spring Events in Washington DC-Fun For the Whole Family!

With the arrival of long-awaited warmer days, one cannot help but feel excited about the upcoming cherry-blossoming season. This time of the year is one of the best times to visit our nation’s capital, as it offers both residents and visitors a chance to partake in a variety of interesting activities.

So many of those that it might as well take the title of “The Capital of Spring.” Particularly attractive in the area are family-friendly spring events planned in Washington DC. If possible, we suggest you check them out. What we can promise with 100% certainty is that neither you nor your loved ones will regret it!

Family-Friendly Spring Events Planned in Washington DC That Guarantee Immense Fun

Thought about making a life for yourself in none other but the District of Colombia? In that case, you’ll be happy to know that both you and the little ones are soon to be in for a hell of a lot of fun. If you need to get all the moving-related help you need in the city, it might actually be a breeze, as DC can generally boast of high-quality and affordable moving services. But first, let’s discuss what we were about to discuss in the first place – the things that await you this spring season.

National Cherry Blossom Festival

Taking place between March 20th and April 17th is the National Cherry Blossom Festival. The festival commemorates the gift of the Japanese government to Washington DC, which, back at the beginning of the 20th century, gifted the city no less than 3000 cherry blossom trees. 

Over four weeks, visitors can watch the trees go through various stages of blooming. On top of that, the festival organizes multiple events, most of which are open to the public and are entirely free. Kites flying and a Constitution Avenue parade are particularly popular amongst children. Another good news is that your furry friends are welcome as well – as long that they are on a leash.

Cherry trees blossiming along the Potomac River
Among the family-friendly spring events planned in Washington DC is the National Cherry Blossom Festival, lasting from March 20th to April 17th.

White House Easter Egg Roll

The White House Easter Egg Roll is one of the most popular springtime events in the US capital. It’s hosted by none other but the White House staff and takes place each Easter Monday. 

To receive a free ticket to attend, interested parties must apply through an online lottery, which is open to everyone in the US, regardless of the state they reside in. Selections typically take place about six weeks before the event. 

The tradition dates back to the year 1878 when the country’s president, Rutherford B. Hayes, gave an all-clear for all children who wish to roll their eggs at the White House to come and do so. Nowadays, the event consists of a handful of games, live performances, and the ever-famous Easter Egg Roll.

White House as seen from the outside
Children gather around the White House each year on Easter Monday to attend the White House Easter Egg Roll.

John Wilkes Booth Escape Tour

While not exclusively one of the family-friendly spring events planned in Washington DC (one is also planned for the fall), the John Wilkes Booth Escape Tour certainly deserves to be mentioned. The Surratt House Museum Society organizes the tour. 

It is meant to familiarize history buffs with the route John Wilkes Booth took to escape after the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. The 12-hour tour begins in Washington DC and goes through Maryland and Virginia.

Costing $85 per person, this tour that’s meant for children above the age of 12 includes a visit to Ford’s Theatre, Petersen House, Dr. Samuel Mudd’s, and more. The lunch is included in the price, typically at a crab house located along the Potomac River.

Passport DC

Want to take your whole family on a world tour without leaving DC? If so, the annual Passport DC is the festival for you! This festival aims to introduce people visiting it to other cultures by guiding them through the embassy buildings in Washington. 

Despite the festival’s name being Passport DC, the good news is that no passport is required. The festival lasts for approximately 30 days and takes place during May. Believe it or not, as many as 170 embassies are located in the city, making it reasonably easy to get yourself familiar with the multitude of countries, their customs, food, and more. The doors remain open to anyone willing to visit. Access is granted, and no tickets are needed.

An American flag in front of a building
Passport DC is an annual celebration that allows visitors to travel around the world without even requiring a passport

Tidal Basin Paddle Boating

Tidal Basin paddle boating is considered both a spring and summer activity. The season begins in March and lasts until the fall, although the most glorious views are guaranteed primarily during spring, thanks to the blossoming cherry trees. On top of making memories in the paddle boats, your entire family can also experience immense fun in swan boats.

Final Words

Despite us mentioning only a couple of family-friendly spring events planned in Washington DC, many more of where these came from. National Memorial Day Concert, the Environmental Film Festival, and Rock’ n’ Roll USA Marathon, to name a few. 

No matter which route you take, we can safely guarantee that none of you will get bored. Perhaps you’ll have such a good time that you’ll even end up coming back next year for seconds!

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