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Spring Cleaning List : Getting Ready to Sell

Flowers and trees are blooming, and the days are getting warmer and longer. That means it’s nearly time for your annual spring deep clean. Though some people find a thorough cleaning cathartic, others may be eager to have the task over and done. For those who are a little overwhelmed by the amount of dusting, brushing, scrubbing, and polishing, here are a few things you’ll almost certainly want to have on your spring cleaning list. Throw open the windows, take in the spring breeze and celebrate a job well done!

Review Safety Plans and Measures

One of the most important things you can do to keep up your house and home ensures you have all the property safety equipment. Check smoke alarm batteries and make sure they are free of dust. Check the expiration date on your fire extinguisher, and ensure all members of your family know how to use it in case of emergency.  For bedrooms on the second or third floors, consider getting a rope ladder to climb out a window in case of emergency.

Wax Wooden Floors and Furniture

For furniture, use a mild dishwashing fluid and paste wax—buff with a small clean cloth. Use a wood cleaner and polish for your floors.  For tables or other wood furniture that’s damaged or stained, try using a furniture restorer when polish and wax aren’t enough.  We like Howard’s Restor-A-Finish (available online or at any home improvement store).  The product comes in several colors and is easy to use.  It will help brighten up lackluster finishes and tone down water rings or other damage–all for under $20, including all supplies needed.

Wash Walls, Trim, and Doors

Before you reach for a paintbrush, thoroughly wash walls, molding, trim, and doors. Use a vacuum extension to dust hard-to-reach spots, then tackle the more stubborn stains with a solvent-free degreaser. You can also use warm water and mild dishwashing fluid.  After a thorough cleaning, use matching paint to spruce up knicks, marks and damage. This will brighten up your home immensely.

Organize Bathroom Closet, Cabinets and Drawers

Take a hard look under your bathroom sink for wasted space. Reorganize and sort your toiletries and towels, and discard expired beauty products.  Now is a great time to donate any extra unopened hygiene items like toothpaste, soap, and shampoo to a homeless shelter.  These items are always in need, and it’s better than going to waste or clogging up local landfills.

Schedule Pest Control and Maintenance

Pest control is one thing you won’t want to forget. Call your local exterminator and schedule an appointment after the big clean.  If you can’t afford a professional, buy roach and ant traps and set them around bathrooms and kitchens where pests love to congregate. Make sure and replace every three months. Ants especially love getting in during the summer.  Once in, they are tough to get rid of.  So it’s best to nip the problem in the bud.

Reseal Tile Grout

The easily stained cement material between tiles in your kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms needs regular resealing to prevent liquids from penetrating it. Remember that certain areas, like kitchen counters and shower walls, will usually need more frequent resealing. There are kits available to make the task easier…because it’s no cakewalk. But it’s well worth the effort, especially if you are considering selling your home.  Ugly, stained tiles and grout are a huge turn-off to potential buyers.

Clean Out Kitchen Cabinets

Re-organize your kitchen cabinets and pantry. Sort out old or expired dry goods and consider new solutions for storing plates, pots, and pans. Give away or replace pots and pans, or consider a hanging rack for your cooking implements.  Give your cabinets a good cleaning with mild soap and polish if wood.  If your cabinets are really worn or looking old, there are inexpensive kits to change the look and color of your cabinets.  We like the Rust-oleum Cabinet Transformation kit.  This kit contains everything you need for a complete cabinet refinish for under $70.  There are various colors to choose from, and the kit is available online or at your local home improvement store.

Clean and Disinfect Kitchen Appliances

Clean crock pots, toasters, mixers, and other appliances, but most of all, clean out your refrigerator and oven.

Vacuum and Shampoo Rugs and Runners

Some of your rugs may require professional cleaning (especially Persian rugs or rugs without backing). Synthetic rugs, however, can get away with a little home care. Rent a steam cleaner and rotary shampoo machine. Some smaller rugs can go in the washer for added convenience.  Replace any rugs with rubber backing that’s coming apart or has tearing seams.

Wash and Dust Vent Covers

You’ll want to keep up with washing and dusting vents, not only for aesthetic purposes but for fiscal ones. Air conditioning units will run more efficiently without the added obstruction of dust. Regular dusting and wiping will save you dollars on your power bill, especially when you’re blasting air conditioning during the warmer months.

Looking to Sell?

If you’re sprucing up your home in hopes of selling this spring or summer, let one of our experienced realtors at Eng Garcia Properties help you get your home ready. It can be a daunting prospect, and there isn’t any need to do it alone. We have all the resources you need to help you make sure your home shines and sells quickly!

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