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Selling Your Home This Spring? Easy Tips To Help You

Wide-eyed and anxious you follow your GPS, spying ahead for the FOR-SALE sign, hoping this might be the one. It takes just a few seconds to tip the scales in your mind, one way or the other.  Is it a find or never mind? The weedy winter lawn and tired paint on this house tell you all you need to know; this house isn’t for you. Never mind.

As you look to sell your home in the winter or early spring months, that scenario is the polar opposite of what you’d want for a buyer’s first look at your property. A dreary home doesn’t even get them out of the car, relegating it to a mere drive-by. You only get one chance to make that first impression, you’ve got to make it a great one.

No need to dip into your kid’s college savings to increase the curb appeal of your property, just some attention, a bit of elbow grease (and maybe a little sweat). Making your home look as inviting as possible will get them out of the car and in the front door before you can say “bidding war.”

We at Eng Garcia Properties have put together some proven ways to increase the curb appeal of your home this winter to ensure a timely and profitable sale.


A winter lawn can still look inviting

Start at the curb. Unless you are selling your home when there are three feet of snow on the lawn, there is plenty you can do to spruce it up. You can edge a dormant lawn to tighten things up and pull or use weed killer on any weeds that crept up since you put the mower away.

Make Your Sidewalk the Main Event

Take a hard look at your walks and sidewalk to make sure they are free of bad cracks and missing concrete or brick. You can patch concrete year-round and it can make a world of difference visually while also making it safer. If you’ve used salt in your walkways to battle the ice, sweep up the excess to give yourself clean walkways so you don’t remind buyers of an ugly winter.

Be Leaf free

Clear any leaves or branches that are on the roof or in the gutters. Washing the gutters and roof isn’t a bad idea if they need it. Vinyl gutters can be brought back to a mildew-free clean look with a little shower cleaner. A hose with a nozzle on the jet setting can loosen up any dirt in the visible valleys of your roofline.

Don’t Forget the Color

Though winter and early spring isn’t the ideal time to be painting, a fresh coat of paint on exterior woodwork or trim and clean vinyl siding or brick goes a long way to a crisp appearance for your property. Most paints can be applied anytime the temperature is over 50 degrees.

At the very least, any chipped or peeling paint should be scraped and patched.

Make your front door unique

Choose a paint color for your front door that will jump out at a buyer, but one that also jives with the color scheme of the rest of the house. Add a colorful springtime wreath or other decors to remind buyers of warmer weather to come.

Add the green

Well placed planted or potted plants and window boxes will draw the eye to parts of the property you’d like to stress while giving a fresh friendly look. If there are bare spots in the lawn, some planters and pavers can be just the right cover-up.

If it’s too cold for real plants, there are lovely outdoor silk plants you can buy.

Light it UP

Remember that with shorter days, potential buyers may visit your property when the sun is going down, so be sure not only to have pathways lit up for safety but also to create warmth from the street. Lights inside and out can make all the difference.

Solar lights along your sidewalks are an easy and inexpensive way to make your home inviting.


It’s A Numbers game

A super quick and easy project is to replace the house numbers with new ones. You want to have numbers that are bold and easily visible from the street.  Crafters on Etsy or at art fairs make wonderfully unique address numbers.

Doormat and mailbox upgrades

Ditch your old worn-out doormat and buy a new mat in spring colors. If your mailbox is in good shape but looks dull, take it off and simply spray paint it for a fresh look. If it is dented and old, replace it.

Go neutral

Removing political signs, sports team flags, or religious icons will make your house more inviting to people across the spectrum. No need to send the wrong message.  You’re not looking for new fans for your team but a home buyer. You want them to see the house as theirs from the first sight.

Make your home a FIND

Seal the deal with that first impression, it’s that important. It all starts at the curb. Don’t be left out in the cold this winter or spring as you try to sell.  Make your home a find, and get ready for the bidding to start!

If you need more help making your home the best on the block for sale, let one of our agents help you today.




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