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Should You Replace or Repair Your Windows

Some homeowners have no idea about the condition of their windows. They might look good from a distance, but they may have some telltale signs that are serious issues. Even if the windows are not yet old, problems may arise at any time. 

When the windows are cold, leaky, broken or cracked, or not functioning as they used to be, you might wonder whether you need to replace–or only repair– your windows. 

When to Repair

  • Broken mullions or muntins on single-pane windows
  • Broken or cracked glass / Sash replacement
  • Damaged or missing exterior drip cap
  • Stuck or slow-moving window sashes
  • Minor water leaks
  • Poor exterior casing window

When to Replace

  • Structural Problems
  • Foggy windows with condensation inside
  • Major water leaks

Details of When to Repair Window

  • Broken Mullions or Muntins: Split or rotting mullions and muntins that hold the glass in single-pane windows signify that the window needs repair. Those with brittle and missing putty that holds the glass panes are easy to fix. After removing the scraping and the glass and cleaning the area, fresh putty can be applied, then secure the window glass with the new glazier’s point. 
  • Broken or Cracked Glass: Visual and safety acuity decide whether to replace a window with broken glass. Glazier or homeowners can inexpensively and effectively repair single-pane windows. When the condition of a multi-paned glass is cracked or broken, look for a sash replacement. But the issue has been tolerating for quite a long time. So this could be an excellent ground to replace the entire window. 
  • Damaged or Missing Exterior Drip Cap: The drip cap is the top exterior shield of the window. This issue is only an easy repair and primarily done in DIY. Homeowners can purchase aluminum drip caps that are rust-free and rot-free in any home center, then nailed into place, then caulked. 
  • Stuck or Slow-moving Window Sashes: A typical issue of older windows is the lower and upper sashes that cannot move. These could be due to multiple paint layers bridging the frame and the window sash or off-track sash. When the window sashes are challenging to raise, the typical cause is sash weight broken cords. And for the spring-type window sashes, the spring might lose or fail, and this issue is easy to repair. 
  • Minor Water Leaks: When the water in the interior near the window is dripping, you can check the window frames for any gaps. Poor drain gutter or drain pipes water can forcibly enter towards the window. The seals of the window frame can hold the rainwater back but not for such tremendous water pressure. Homeowners can try to reroute the gutters and check if it makes any difference.
  • Poor Exterior Casing Window: Missing exterior casings, rotten, cracked, and loose window casings provide an unpleasant look that can lead to window damage. However, window casing damage alone does not entail for replacement of the entire window. There is a wide variety of prime wood window exterior casing available in home centers. Homeowners can replace the existing case with a new one. However, it is not water-resistant and requires paint after installation. PVC and vinyl frames are also suitable for replacing window frames. 

Details on When to Replace

  • Structural Problems: When the window structure is poorly damaged, it is time to replace it with a new one. In some cases, wall studs, siding, and insulation affect the framing or structure of the window. In this situation, it requires some wall repairs before installing the new window.  
  • Foggy Windows: Most foggy window glass is due to condensing water inside the multi-pane IGU windows or insulated glass windows. Today’s IGU windows are sealed permanently, unlike multi-paned windows in the past that the glass will set into place by the glaziers. This built-in IGU window ensures that it is highly resistant to water and condensation. 
  • Major Water Leakage: Excessive water penetration is a sign that the exterior casing of the window is severely damaged. If there is a high flow of water coming out from the window, it is time to replace the entire window.

Windows and Roof Hatches provide aesthetic looks, and it is essential to have solid and secure windows to improve home security. However, proper maintenance and regular inspections for windows and any other parts in the residential structure will help prevent costly repairs and replacements that might occur in the future.

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