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Relocating to Washington DC? 6 Surprising Things You Need To Know

Washington DC is one of the most exciting places to live in the country.

Because there are so many companies in the area–not to mention federal government jobs, universities, and other draws–people from all over the world find themselves relocating to Washington DC. So what should you know before moving here?

 Traffic Isn’t THAT bad

JK. Actually the traffic is bad and for some commuters, it’s downright terrible.

But depending on your work schedule, you may be able to miss some of the worst traffic. Choosing to live closer in is a big part of dodging traffic woes since the beltway and the highways into the area are a major source of congestion.

Of course, the Metro is helpful, but the most important way to deal with DC traffic is to opt-out! DC is one of the most walkable urban centers in the country, and if you choose one of the amazing in-town DC neighborhoods, you may find yourself able to forego the car altogether.

Going Green is really easy here.

DC has one of the most extensive park systems in the country, with both metro DC and national parks easily accessible. Rock Creek Park has everything you could ever want if you love the outdoors, and the generally mild DC weather means that you can enjoy outdoor activities for most of the year.

In addition, gorgeous areas like the US Botanical Garden, Meridian Hill, and the US Arboretum mean year-round natural beauty is just a Metro stop away.

The food scene is kind of ridiculous.

We mean that in a really good way!

Some of the greatest and most innovative chefs in the country are working in DC right now, and it seems that every neighborhood has a Michelin contender in the making.

Jose Andres, Fabio, and Maria Trabocchi, Wolfgang Puck, Robert Wiedmaier–DC are a Who’s Who of incredible innovators in the food world. You’re sure to find a favorite restaurant no matter which awesome neighborhood you call home, and your only problem will be becoming an insufferable food snob to the folks back home.

Love to do your own cooking? We’ve got that covered, too.

With community gardens throughout the city and a massive farmer’s market on (seemingly) every other corner, if you love seasonal produce and artisanal prepared foods, you’ll love life in DC. Many luxury buildings include community gardens as an amenity, and there are classes and workshops all over the area for those of you who want to create every element of your meal.

Many restaurants have their own kitchen gardens and source the vast majority of their ingredients locally, yet another reason the restaurants are so amazing.

While homes are pricey, there is a tremendous variety at every price point imaginable.

DC is known for luxury homes, and there are definitely real-deal multi-million dollar mansions aplenty. However, there are also great condos everywhere you want to be at affordable starter-home prices.

And when your neighborhood is walkable and there are a million free concerts, museums, and film festivals all within walking distance, your DC home becomes even more affordable.

Eng Garcia makes your home search easy.

When you are looking for a DC home, you have a lot of options. However, working with an Eng Garcia real estate agent can help you find the right home to fit your life and your budget.

Because we know DC–every neighborhood, block, and building–we can help you find a home. Whether your search is focused on a short commute, proximity to a particular university, or just being walking distance from your favorite local haunt, you have a lot of options.

Unlike some cities where you must work with a real estate agent for rentals, in DC you have the option to work with an agent or go it alone. For your purchase, a DC agent is essential, not just for the property search but also to help you learn about loan and grant options specific to DC residents.

We love DC and we love welcoming new neighbors! Sign in at our website and let us create a custom search for your new DC home. You’ll be glad you’ve made a new friend at Eng Garcia.


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