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    Ouch! Where are the hospitals in DC?

    By Lori Mang | March 13, 2020

    Nobody likes to think about illness or injury, but part of life is knowing where to go when things go wrong. The DC area is a hub for bright minds and accomplished professionals in many fields, and one of these is medicine. According to US News and World Reports new rankings of the best medical... Read More

    Smart Home Tech and How It Can Save You Money

    By Lori Mang | March 11, 2020

    In some ways, the modern world is not the one we expected. Childhood viewings of The Jetsons led us all to believe that at this point we’d have flying cars, robot maids, and dinner on demand. Unfortunately, reality has fallen somewhat short of those optimistic visions. However, innovations in smart home tech design have accelerated... Read More

    Tips on How To Declutter Your Home

    By Lori Mang | March 9, 2020

    There once was a beautiful princess who fell in love with a mean troll. The mean troll constantly made the princess hang up her clothes, put jewelry in a jewelry box (instead of on whatever flat surface happened to be nearby), and hide all of the dishes in cabinets. He constantly roamed the land muttering,... Read More

    What Home Renovations Are The Best Investment?

    By Lori Mang | March 6, 2020

    If you own a home or are in the process of buying one, you may have a laundry list in your head of renovations you would love to undertake. And what better time than now? Whether you hate your current bathroom or wish for a gourmet kitchen, there are probably a number of home renovations... Read More

    Relocating to Washington DC? 6 Surprising Things You Need To Know

    By Lori Mang | March 4, 2020

    Washington DC is one of the most exciting places to live in the country. Because there are so many companies in the area–not to mention federal government jobs, universities, and other draws–people from all over the world find themselves relocating to Washington DC. So what should you know before moving here?  Traffic Isn’t THAT bad... Read More

    How to Use Color and Light To Optimize Your Home Office

    By Shane Cass | March 4, 2020

    Working at home means you get to customize everything for your needs. You get your ideal desk, computer, filing system, and sound system. Every item in your office fits a purpose that’s meant for your work only. You can customize it for when and how you work. Some people like to work in the morning,... Read More

    Eco-Friendly Design Tips for Your Home

    By Lori Mang | February 18, 2020

    Your home’s energy efficiency is every bit as big a concern as the landscaping or exterior paint color. Keeping an eye on energy usage can mean hundreds of dollars in savings per month. This is especially true in places where you need heat or air conditioning for many months out of the year like Washington... Read More

    How To Start House Flipping in 2021

    By Lori Mang | February 18, 2020

    You’ve found the perfect house in a red-hot neighborhood. It needs some cosmetic work, but foundationally it seems sound. You hesitate. You see headlines screaming that house flipping is dead in 2021.  Low housing inventory, social distancing, and of course, unemployment have made buying and selling homes more challenging. But there is good news.  Mortgage... Read More

    Five Esstential Kitchen Design Ideas To Avoid Disaster

    By Lori Mang | February 11, 2020

    The kitchen is a space in the home that is unlike any other. Not only is it a place that holds a lot of practical value – you’re always using it–but it’s the center and heart of your home.  From the moment you wake up when you turn on the kettle to the time you... Read More

    Six Romantic Restaurants in Washington DC for Valentine’s Day

    By Lori Mang | February 4, 2020

    You’re on the clock once again. It’s February and you need to show that special someone just how important they are to you, so finding that perfect Valentine’s Day gift and dinner is paramount. This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday, so the restaurants are going to be packed. If you are new to... Read More