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Ouch! Where are the hospitals in DC?

Nobody likes to think about illness or injury, but part of life is knowing where to go when things go wrong.

The DC area is a hub for bright minds and accomplished professionals in many fields, and one of these is medicine. According to US News and World Reports new rankings of the best medical centers in the country, DC is once again top of mind when it comes to care across a number of specialties.

Here, then, are some of the best hospitals in DC.

Johns Hopkins (Baltimore, MD)

One of the best performing medical facilities on the list, JH was bumped from number 4 up to number three this year. Hopkins was nationally ranked in 15 different specialties, making it a world-class choice no matter what your medical needs.

In addition, Hopkins is perhaps best known as a research facility, creating and facilitating cutting-edge technology across a variety of medical disciplines.

Children’s National Medical Center (DC)

Along with Hopkins, Children’s National received special recognition for its work across all ten specialties on which children’s hospitals were ranked. In addition, Children’s was number one in the country when it comes to neonatology, making it a truly exceptional choice for children’s care.

Last year alone, ⅔ of all medical students, both US and international, applied to Children’s Hospital for their graduate studies. That alone indicates who venerated this hospital is in the medical community.

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital (DC)

Ranked the #1 hospital in DC, MedStar Georgetown was also nationally ranked for its work with Diabetes and Endocrinology. They were also highly ranked across a number of procedures and treatments, including those for COPD, hip surgery, colon cancer surgery, and others.

Mary Washington Hospital (Fredericksburg, VA)

Ranked the #2 hospital in DC and one of the Best Regional Hospitals on the list, Mary Washington was recognized across a number of specialties on the US News rankings.

Special consideration was made for the hospital’s work with lung cancer surgery, heart failure treatments, and hip and knee replacements. The hospital was also recognized for the high quality of its nursing staff and trauma center.

Inova Fairfax Hospital (Fairfax, VA)

The sprawling Inova Fairfax facility was recognized on both national and regional rankings by the US News list. Inova Fairfax is well known in the DC area for its expansive Women’s and Children’s facility, and the neonatology department received national recognition.

In addition, a number of treatments–especially heart surgeries including bypass and valve replacement surgeries–landed the facility on the list of high performing specialty hospitals.

MedStar Washington Hospital Center (DC)

Ranked #4 in DC, MedStar Washington was nationally ranked for Cardiology and Heart Surgery. In addition, they were ranked High Performing across a number of cardio-pulmonary surgical treatments and specialties, as well as for the quality of colon cancer surgery.

The trauma center was also singled out for special recognition.

Inova Fair Oaks (Fairfax, VA)

Recognized as one of the best regional hospitals on the list, Inova Fair Oaks also received special recognition for their work with COPD, heart failure, colon cancer surgery, and knee replacement.

The hospital was also recognized as a “Nurse Magnet,” a designation for those hospitals which meet high nursing standards.

Holy Cross Hospital (Silver Spring, MD)

Another regionally recognized facility, Holy Cross was recognized for its work in treating COPD and heart failure, as well as colon cancer surgical outcomes. The award-winning hospital has also been recognized as a green facility by The US Green Building Council.

Whatever your medical need, living in DC gives you access to the very best doctors, nurses, and medical facilities in the nation. This allows you to rest easy knowing you will always be taken care of, whatever your need.

If you are looking for a home in the DC area, access to a great medical center or to your doctor may be a consideration. Or, if you work at once of these great hospitals, you may be looking to cut your commute and find a home nearby.

Either way, sign in at our website and let our Eng Garcia real estate professional help you find the right home in the right neighborhood for you. We’re here to take care of you!

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