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Neighborhood Spotlight: Downtown Arlington (Rosslyn/Courthouse)

Located in Arlington, Virginia right across the Potomac River from Washington D.C., the adjacent neighborhoods of Rosslyn and Courthouse have small populations and mostly serve urban and commercial purposes. Rosslyn has a population of 12,314 people, while Courthouse is home to just a few thousand.

Rosslyn is known for its very urbanized style when compared to Washington D.C., due to a number of skyscrapers and multiple large businesses calling it home. It also has multiple memorials and parks, perfect for a day outing with friends and family.

If you live in Downtown Arlington, expect a commute. You’re right on the metro, so working inside of D.C. is common for people who live in this neighborhood. On the highways, you’ll see a variety of commuter car types. For those with children to drop at school, take note of the SUV selection (many people have done their homework to find the best). Other vehicles common on the roads include the Ford Explorer, the Toyota Rav4, and the Nissan Rogue.

Courthouse is known for being the government hub of Arlington. As the name would suggest, the city courthouse is located in this neighborhood, as well as the county government offices and police headquarters.

Here are a few things to explore when you visit Downtown Arlington, Rosslyn, and Courthouse.

1. The Skyline

File:Arlington County - Virginia - 2.jpg

Multiple high-rises and skyscrapers dot the Rosslyn skyline, which in person appears more imposing compared to Washington DC’s own skyline, which is shorter due to building height restrictions that allow planes to fly more near to the ground. Look for Cathedral Place, a magnificent feature of the Rosslyn skyline.

Just completed in 2017, the 31-story mixed-use structure is one of the largest and newest skyscrapers on the skyline. From the top floors, you get spectacular views of the National Mall just across the river, and it’s worth the trip up the elevator to catch the sites.

2. United States Marine Corps War Memorial

File:Marine Corp Memorial Iwo Jima.jpg

In a part of the country filled to the brim with memorials and beautiful sculptures,  the United States Marine Corps War Memorial remains one of the most iconic. The image of the famous four soldiers who raised an American flag over Iwo Jima in World War Two is represented in bronze, with a flag flying every day of the year overhead. At the base of the sculpture, the name and date of every Marine Corps engagement forms a gold ring around the granite.

While the statue depicts perhaps one of the most famous events in World War Two, the memorial is dedicated to the marine corps in its entirety. Located in the south area of Rosslyn, the United States Marine Corps War Memorial is hard to miss and should not be missed.

3. Freedom Park

File:MikeBerman2.CrystalMarket.CrystalCity.VA.18sep08 (2870360376).jpg

Freedom Park was originally intended to be a simple elevated path for pedestrians and local workers to use getting from one place to the other without going down to the street. Now, the elevated park is home to a variety of lush trees, bushes, flowers and benches raised above the city streets, perfect to relax in and escape the city for a moment. The park sometimes hosts concerts and community events as well.

Freedom Park construction began in the very early 90s, but issues got in the way of its completion and it stalled in a semi-completed state for nearly 5 years before the county decided to revitalize the project and turn it into a park instead.

4. The First Garden-Style Apartments

File:DSCN6754 Geilston gardens.jpg

If you find yourself in Courthouse, the “government” section of Arlington, there is one interesting thing you may want to check out in this neighborhood: the first “Garden-style” apartments, nowadays very common, were built right in this neighborhood. In fact, these apartments are now on the National Register of Historic Places.

Garden-style apartments were a huge deal back in the day because it meant you could live in the city while still having a garden – as long as you lived on the ground floor. If architectural history is something you are interested in, be sure to check out some of these innovative urban buildings.

Neighborhood Schools and Crime Ratings

File:Dülmen, Augustinusschule -- 2013 -- 0652.jpg

Schools in Rosslyn and Courthouse are part of the Arlington Public Schools system and are generally well-regarded compared to both state and national averages. There are 22 elementary schools in the city school district, 5 middle schools, 4 high schools, and a few higher education programs.

In general, crime in Rosslyn and Courthouse is much lower than national averages, in fact only just over 1000 crimes for every 100,000 people in this neighborhood. Compared to Virginia, at about 2000 crimes per 100,000 people and the national average of about 2,800 per 100,000 people, Rosslyn and Courthouse are very safe neighborhoods.

Market Snapshot

The median value of a home in Rosslyn and Courthouse is about $796.500. Prices have risen 5.1% in 2021. The housing market in the neighborhood is estimated to rise at least 2% in the next year, making the area a very good option for real estate investments. Arlington is a central hub of activity in Virginia, and the proximity to the capital of these neighborhoods is something that can always be capitalized upon.

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