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Neighborhood Profile: Mount Pleasant DC

Nestled into the boundary of Rock Creek Park and just north of Adams Morgan is one of the most desirable and exciting neighborhoods in the DC area.

Mount Pleasant’s history goes back to pre-Revolutionary days, and its charm is in part based on the mix of old and new, high and low architecture and culture that informs it. Residents here love the history and diversity of the neighborhood. If you are looking for a community to fall in love with, look no further than Mount Pleasant DC.

Mt. Pleasant DC: Old Streetcar Suburb

Like many DC neighborhoods, Mt. Pleasant is one of the old streetcar suburbs.

It boasts a variety of architectural styles, from Queen Anne-style rowhouses to historically significant homes from the 19th century to mid-rise apartments and condos. Victorians and colonial revival mansions round out the incredible range of styles and price points available in the area.

Several of the larger houses having been converted to condos. Here’s your chance to experience one-of-a-kind history and opulence no matter what your budget.

Village-like Appeal

Because vintage architectural styles are so much a part of the landscape, residents enjoy the advantages of those styles, like spacious porches, tree-lined streets, and high walkability. Steps from the National Zoo and prominently bordered by Rock Creek Park, outdoor living is part of the village-like appeal of the area. This also ensures some pretty spectacular views from many of the homes.

The Mt. Pleasant Library is one of the oldest in DC and was the last of the Carnegie libraries to be built in the DC metro area.

It has spectacular murals which were created under a WPA program and depict fantastical circus scene with animals in charge. The artist, Aurelius Battaglia, later became a Disney illustrator and it is said that the images from the mural may have been recreated in Walt Disney’s Fantasia, a project Battaglia helped create.

Diversity is its Strength

One of Mt. Pleasant’s greatest attributes is the diversity of the neighborhood. Starting in the 1960s, a combination of multi-cultural transplants and former Peace Corps workers, who liked the diversity there, began to settle the area. This has resulted in a foundation of respect for diversity and the inclusion of many minority-owned businesses in the area.

Restaurants reflect this cultural mélange with many family-owned restaurants featuring ethnic and regional specialty cuisines. Check out authentic Filipino cuisine at the Purple Patch. Hit Don Juan for cocktails and Salvadoran cuisine at a sidewalk table. Brunch at Dos Gringos, housed in a Victorian home, will start your weekend off right. And margaritas, live entertainment (including karaoke) and Mexi-Salvadoran food make Haydee’s a great place to hang out.

Looking for a relaxing Saturday? Check out the amazing Mt. Pleasant Farmer’s Market Saturday mornings from May through December featuring everything from produce to pork buns. Then head over to the zoo where there is a Capital Bikeshare station. You can then explore Rock Creek Park where there’s always something fun to do. Go shopping for something cool at Logan’s Antiques, then dinner at Haydee’s. Want a nightcap? Raven Grill is the perfect little dive bar that pays tribute to the neighborhood’s working-class past, and will help you round off your day.

Charming Mt. Pleasant

There’s so much to love about Mt. Pleasant and so many ways to enjoy its many charms. Whether you’re looking for a classic row house or a green condo, Mt. Pleasant has the right place for you to make your home. Let an Eng Garcia Realtor help you find the right place to fit your lifestyle and your budget. Sign in with us and let us start a custom home search to send your ideal listings right to your inbox. We can’t wait to get started helping you find the home of your dreams.


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