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Neighborhood Profile: Hyattsville Maryland

People often bemoan the state of the DC area real estate market, believing you have to trade accessibility for affordability. In other words, if you want to be anywhere near the city, you’ll have to pay a hefty premium.

But there are enclaves close to the action that are amazingly affordable. One of these is Hyattsville, MD, part of the Gateway Arts District Corridor. This DC suburb has a small town, close community feel with incredible affordability. And you won’t trade amenities and access away when you buy in Hyattsville. This town’s economic development has been building for years, and residents feel that they have finally arrived.

History of Hyattsville, Maryland

Hyattsville was first developed in the mid-19th century by an enterprising store owner and postmaster named Christopher Clark Hyatt. The area’s early growth benefitted from the proximity of US Route 1 and the B&O Railroad.

Fortunately for lovers of historic architecture, much of Hyattsville’s early residential character has been preserved. Here you will find Victorian architecture, Craftsman-style homes, and even vintage Sears bungalows.

Area neighborhoods include:

  • University Hills, which abuts the University of Maryland at College Park.
  • Queens Chapel Manor neighborhood with a variety of small homes as well as apartment complexes.
  • West Hyattsville is bordered by the Northwest branch of the Anacostia River.
  • Historic Hyattsville encompasses downtown, Hyattsville Hills, and Castle Manor.

Several Hyattsville buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. These include the beautiful Ash Hill mansion, Hyattsville Armory, and the Hyattsville Post Office, which is still in use.

Real Estate in Hyattsville

Real estate in the area can be pricey for some of the larger, historically important, and meticulously restored homes, but affordability is everywhere. Condos for well under $150K are commonplace, and the area is a great choice for those who would like some outdoor space but think a single-family home is out of reach on their budget.

As part of the Gateway Arts District Corridor, including Mt. Rainier, Brentwood, North Brentwood, Hyattsville boasts dozens of public art installations and hosts events in cooperation with the other District locales. Hyattsville frequently holds instructional classes and workshops in Pyramid Atlantic Arts Center, housed in the historic Arcade Building.

Because of its association with the Gateway Arts District, Hyattsville was a natural location for the fourth iteration of Busboys & Poets, Andy Shallal’s group of restaurants inspired by the arts and their central role in political activism. The Hyattsville location includes the Howard Zinn room, dedicated to the well-known historian, social activist, and playwright who authored A People’s History of the United States.

Another popular local hotspot is Franklin’s, a local microbrewery, restaurant, and general store. Housed in the former Hyattsville Hardware Co., the huge space is a popular spot for families, emphasizing locally grown ingredients and locally brewed beer. In addition, there is an emphasis on the work of local artists, with a variety of displays including a permanent installation–a 40 foot kinetic light mural by Boston artist Liz Manicatide.

Other popular local spots include DC favorite Vigilante Coffee, Shagga Coffee and Restaurant for Ethiopian food, soul food at Carolina Kitchen, and Spice 6 for Indian food. Branching out to neighboring Mt. Rainier will bring you to more popular bars, restaurants, and shopping. 

Hyattsville Could be Your New Hometown

If you’re looking for great amenities, DC proximity, affordability, and an emphasis on arts and culture, you must check out Hyattsville. It is truly one of the best-kept secrets in the DC metro. Fortunately, at Eng Garcia, we are the neighborhood experts. Sign in at our website to begin searching, and reach out to one of our agents to have a custom search delivered straight to you on your schedule. We’re ready to start showing you all of the great options that fit you, your budget, and the way you want to live.

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