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7 Top Instagram Spots in DC

Of all the places in the country to vacation, the nation’s capital is one of the best major destinations. Home to the White House, some of the largest annual events, and the beloved Cherry Blossom trees, the District of Columbia is definitely a site for every American–and foreign tourist–to see. Whether you are thinking of moving to DC or simply paying a visit, you’ll find a variety of places to explore in our nation’s capital.

In terms of any travel updates and COVID-19 restrictions, DC is in the clear. According to DC travel guidelines with regards to the pandemic, the city is fully open and back to normal.  

From wedding-worthy picture locations to delicious dining, below are a few of the most fun–and Instagram-worthy– spots around the DC metro area. See get out your phone and go!

1. Chinatown Friendship Arch 

File:Friendship Gate Chinatown Philadelphia from west.jpg
Chinatown Friendship Arch

The Friendship Arch, constructed in 1986, is known for being the nation’s largest Chinese archway. It is located on H and 7th street and serves as an entry to DC’s Chinatown, where you can experience a taste of authentic Chinese culture and cuisine. While shopping and passing through, you may notice Chinese characters displayed on some of the streets and commercial establishments, as well as several Asian American family-owned shops and restaurants.  

2. Culture House DC 

Culture House DC

A place where art and culture collide, the Culture House is an eclectic venue and beloved spot for local artists. Here, you’ll find everything from private gatherings and art exhibits, to community events and live music performances. Its vanguard aesthetic and counterculture influence make it one of the hippest places in DC. For more information on upcoming shows, visit their website.

3. Yard’s Park

File:Canoeing in the Anacostia River (15011160918).jpg
Yard’s Park

After a year-long closure, this city favorite is preparing for its summer opening. With breathtaking views of nature and the Anacostia River, this spot is definitely a must-see. The Yard’s Park is part of the Capitol Riverfront community and is a prime destination for free local events. The park is located on 355 Water Street SE, and is open from 8:00am-10:00pm daily.  

4. Library of Congress

File:The Library of Congress, Washington-LCCN2008678216 (cropped).jpg
Library of Congress

For the major history buffs, the Library of Congress is at the absolute top of the list. With its high ceilings and classic paintings, the building is easily one of the most majestic sites to see. Starting in early July, the library will open up for both in-person and online exhibitions.  

5. Union Station

File:'Union Station in Washington DC' by Tania Dey.JPG
Union Station

Another spot with rich history, Union Station is known for its wide variety of dining options, local events, and exquisite architecture. As for transportation, you’re in the right place. Union Station functions as both an Amtrak train station and stops on the DC MetroRail. For more details on deals, food and events, check out their website

7. Smithsonian Institution Building 

The Castle

Also known as “The Castle,” the Smithsonian Institution Building is the signature branch of this family of 19 museums in DC. The museum is scheduled to officially reopen July 30, 2021, and admission is free! 

For those of you who are balling on a budget and want the best bank for your buck when it comes to good food, check out the four most affordable restaurants in town. 

Plan your itinerary to visit all of the above-listed locations in a day! 

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