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Our Top 5 Picks For Landscapers in Washington DC

Even the most dedicated indoor person must have a fondness for DC’s green spaces.

Whether you are strolling the grounds of the National Arboretum, hiking TR’s Island, or even just enjoying a backyard barbecue, DC has a bounty of natural beauty to admire!

However, if you’re one of those people who was born with a thumb that is anything but green, you may feel that it’s just not in the cards for you to have an extraordinary yard, garden, or other outdoor space. Further, you may even be intimidated by the idea of a house with a yard because you’re worried about the maintenance and upkeep it will require.

The good news is that whatever your comfort level in the great outdoors, you can have an extraordinary lawn, garden, or other outdoor space. The beauty of DC is due, in part, to the skill and dedication of its landscape companies. If you’re looking to upgrade your outdoors, check our top five top-tier landscapers to create the yard, garden, or patio of your dreams.

Hawthorne Garden Design (website):

A perennial DC favorite, Hawthorne Garden Design has been creating and maintaining DC lawns and landscapes for a decade under the direction of owner Tamara Belt. Belt is head of the landscape committee overseeing the restoration of the 13-acre greenspace between Woodley Park and Cleveland Park, so she knows a thing or two about DC gardening on a grand scale.

Hawthorne is adept at a variety of garden designs, from traditional to contemporary. Their portfolio includes outdoor kitchen and entertaining areas, formal garden spaces, woodland gardens, and more.

Backyard Bounty (website):

If you’re looking for landscaping services that consider environmental impact, Backyard Bounty is a great option. With an emphasis on organic gardening, ecological impact, and flora and fauna diversity through plant choice, Backyard Bounty is a frequent recipient of Reader’s Choice awards throughout the metro area.

Want to take on some of the gardenings yourself, but don’t have the experience or expertise to maintain the garden? Backyard Bounty even offers gardening coaches to ensure that you have all of the information you need to care for your yard after installation.

Love & Carrots (website):

If you want your landscaper to be about more than decorative gardening or lawn care, Love & Carrots is a company that can not only change the way you garden but also change the way you eat. With an emphasis on organic food gardens, Love & Carrots offers consultation, design, installation, maintenance, and coaching to help you create an organic kitchen garden.

The urban farmers at Love & Carrots work with residential home gardens, restaurant and commercial gardens, and community gardens. Also, they plan gardens from small container gardens to large community or organization sizes. Besides, they can also design and implement more traditional landscaping, with an emphasis on local plants, local pollinators, and positive environmental impact.

Serra Stone Corporation (website):

Landscaping is about more than just lawns, plants, and other natural features. Hardscapes–both practical and ornamental–are central to many outdoor spaces. Serra Stone operates throughout the DMV, creating custom masonry for everything from outdoor kitchens and bars to decorative arches to swimming pool decks.

Also, for historical homes, Serra Stone offers restoration services to rehabilitate and restore hardscapes from decorative walkways to retaining walls and beyond. This is a genuinely artisanal firm, with expert stonemasons, project managers qualified to interpret architectural plans, and the ability to create custom projects for a variety of residential and commercial design concepts.

Botanical Decorators (website):

Although they work on a wide variety of landscaping projects, the award-winning designers at Botanical Decorators are exceptionally skilled at creating rooftop and patio gardens. This makes them an excellent choice for those of you who are looking for a design concept for a condo or townhome with limited yard space or those interested in container gardening.

Botanical Decorators are also adept at creating pool areas and their custom pool designs, outdoor kitchens, and living rooms, and custom hardscapes are particularly sought after. If you’re looking for ways to spend more of your time outdoors or make your outdoor living spaces more functional and attractive, this would be a great company to choose from.

Whether your landscape dreams emphasize beautiful spaces, outdoor living areas, or the perfect foodie’s garden, one of these award-winning landscapers is sure to help you make them come true. And if you’re looking for a home with that perfect patch of ground or glam rooftop deck, we’re here to help.

Sign in at our website and let us create a custom search that is tailor-made for you. We want to get you into your new home before the next growing season!



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