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Best DC Neighborhoods For Dog Owners

Choosing the right neighborhood in DC can be intimidating and overwhelming for anyone. However, finding a neighborhood that suits your needs and preferences becomes even more challenging when adding your dog into the equation. Finding a pet-friendly apartment, as difficult as it is,  is only the tip of the iceberg that dog owners are faced with when moving. Dog parks, off-leash areas, pet stores, grooming salons, veterinarians, and other pet-related amenities, all within walking distance, are imperative for a stress-free daily routine with your furry friend. Luckily, there are many Washington, DC neighborhoods for dog owners that offer everything a pup and its human could ever want.

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is one of the oldest and most historically significant neighborhoods in Washington, DC. It is probably not the first to come to mind when dog-friendliness is in question, but this neighborhood is even more than that. The beautiful tree-lined sidewalks in Capitol Hill will make each morning or evening walk enjoyable. Here, you can even take your dog out to dinner. A restaurant called Art and Soul has a menu for our furry friends.

And burning those calories shouldn’t be hard since you will need to walk a bit to get to the nearest dog park. However, you won’t need to do that to get to the vet or other pet-related services because Capitol Hill is very well equipped with them.

Columbia Heights

Columbia Heights, located in Northwest DC, is one of the best Washington, DC neighborhoods, especially desirable for dog owners. It is often described as a melting pot of people of all ages, ethnicities, and religions. And many of its residents have one thing in common – dogs!

The neighborhood’s quiet, almost suburban-feeling streets and a tight-knit community feel are why it so attractive for dog owners. Pleasant, long daily walks with your pup in this area are guaranteed as Columbia Heights rates exceptionally well on the walkability scale. After you tire out your dog (and yourself) by walking, you can both catch your breath in one of the many restaurants, bars, and cafes the neighborhood offers. But, more importantly, finding a house or a pet-friendly apartment in Columbia Heights shouldn’t be an issue as the neighborhood does not lack suitable housing.

Dupont Circle

To get to the next dog-friendly neighborhood in Washington, DC, you won’t have to drive very far as DuPont Circle is located in close vicinity to Columbia Heights. The neighborhood has a very laid-back vibe which is evident if you stroll down its streets as there are always people hanging out in parks, bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. Many of them even take their canine friends with them, so finding company shouldn’t be an issue in this area. If your dog needs more exercise than a walk can provide, S Street Dog Park is an excellent choice. However, in DuPont Circle, your daily walks will never be boring or short because of its high walkability rate and historical architecture, which is hard to get enough of.

Caption: DuPont Circle’s architecture will make every walk with your dog memorable.


If you prefer more suburban communities, Ballston is your best bet when it comes to Washington, DC neighborhoods for dog owners. With the help of a good real estate agent, finding a spacious home and backyard in this neighborhood should be a piece of cake. There are many pet-friendly apartments to choose from as well, so whatever your budget or preference might be, you won’t be disappointed. If commuting to work worries you, know that Ballston has excellent transportation and is very well connected to downtown.

As for dog parks, you can choose between James Hunter Dog Park (which has a pool!), Quincy Park, Oakland Park, and many more.


Shaw is one of those neighborhoods where seemingly everyone has a dog, and you probably don’t even have to ask whether you can bring your furry friend, no matter where you’re going. This up-and-coming neighborhood has many charming boutiques, bars, and restaurants, so you surely won’t have a dull afternoon here – ever. Shaw doesn’t lack dog parks either. You (or your pooch) can choose between Shaw Dog Park, Bundy Dog Park, and a few others.

Caption: Dogs and humans are equals in Shaw.

The only downside to Shaw is that finding ample yard space isn’t very easy, so you might need to sacrifice a few things if you decide to make this neighborhood your home. However, storage won’t have to be one of these things as you can always find a place where your possessions will be safe here, where Shaw lacks spacious backyards, Washington, DC certainly more than makes up for with affordable storage solutions.

Adams Morgan

If you want to experience the essence of Washington, DC, Adams Morgan is an excellent choice. There are many pet-friendly apartments to choose from, and even house-hunting here is exciting since there is an abundance of aesthetically pleasing homes you can observe while enjoying your walk. Furthermore, the neighborhood’s quirky shops and vibrant bars and restaurants will make every outing with your dog an unforgettable one.


Georgetown might seem a bit intimidating at first with its grand homes, cobblestone streets, and fancy boutiques, but neglecting it would be a big mistake. If you thought elegance in this neighborhood is reserved for humans only – think again! Dogs are more than welcome in most bars and coffee houses in Georgetown. Moreover, you probably won’t have to leave your pup alone at home in this neighborhood, as many businesses and communal areas here are incredibly dog-friendly. Besides being home to many excellent restaurants, Georgetown also offers various dog bakeries, pet stores, and groomers.

Caption: Georgetown is both elegant and dog-friendly.

Final words

After educating yourself on the topic of the best Washington, DC neighborhoods for dog owners, it might be tricky to choose one. However, to make the best decision, make sure to consider your lifestyle and choose accordingly. If you can’t seem to settle on a suitable area, Eng Garcia Properties is here to help. Our multi-disciplinary team consists of dedicated professionals who are experts in finding the right fit for our clients. Each has a unique charm and offers everything a pup and their owner need for an easygoing daily routine.

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