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Best Spas in DC for Indulgence

People in DC know how to work. They’re always on the go, whether it’s a meeting, an interview, or yet another meeting.

And work here isn’t like it is anywhere else. Working for and with some of the highest of the high profile companies, individuals, and organizations in the world can create perpetually stressed-out employees—not to mention the people who have to live with those employees.

That’s why self-care is so important, and such a current obsession. Articles abound on ways to take care of your emotional and physical needs, whether it’s a day off, a cup of tea, or a soothing environment. From yoga to aromatherapy, it seems we’re all looking for ways to feel better and more together.

But sometimes, all of the tea or fancy coffee in the world is not going to do the trick.  What you really need is to give yourself over to the professionals. If daily life has your stress level maxed out, here are some of the best spas in the DC area to help you unplug, unwind, and get back into balance.

Luxury Spa

Looking to experience a spa, health, or wellness program in the lap of luxury?

Mandarin Oriental Washington DC has one of the most luxurious spa facilities in the world. Spread over more than 10,000 feet, this “urban oasis” is a feast for the eyes, the body, and the soul.

Offering spa treatments and programs, Mayo Clinic wellness programs, fitness and wellness facilities, and beauty treatments by Biologique Recherche, this is truly a one-of-a-kind facility. Over the top experience: Oriental Harmony, with two therapists working together in perfect, well, Harmony on your bath, scrub, and massage experience.

Totally Cool

For fun and hip and cool, while still maintaining spa-like zen, you can’t go wrong at Bliss Spa located in the W Hotel.

Bliss nods to its DC location with cherry blossom wall coverings in the treatment rooms, but that’s just the beginning of the fun. A super-luxe nail lounge makes this the perfect place for a bridesmaid’s get-together or girls’ night. Ginger detox treatments are sure to relax and renew.

And the fun atmosphere means men will love a time-out here, too. Over the top experience: “homme” improvement, the “very virile” signature spa experience for men is sure to relax away from the stress of every day.


Nestled in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, Spa on the Hill is a place to duck into when you can’t take all day away from your very important responsibilities.

Housed in a restored historic home, Spa on the Hill is the place to go for a facial, massage, or reboot. And with a special focus on pregnancy massage, your comfort and well-being are priority one no matter what is going on in your life.

Over the top experience: The one hour(!) Reflexology Massage focuses its hot stone massage on your feet and lower legs only. You’ll be walking on, well, you know.

Unusual Experience

Okay, so this isn’t technically DC, but we couldn’t possibly leave it off the list.

Do you know how everybody is obsessed with Himalayan salt? It’s in their food, they have a lamp, and so on? Bethesda Salt Cave offers a whole room of Himalayan Salt in which you sit on a yoga mat or blanket, or recline in a zero-gravity chair, and inhale the air in the salt cave.

The adjacent spa offers a variety of massages, therapies, and treatments, to go along with your sessions in the salt cave. Devotees report everything from better breathing to better skin, to better immunity after their time in the salt cave.

Over the top experience: Private sessions in the cave, so you don’t have to share that sweet salt air with random strangers.

At Eng Garcia, we want to ensure that every day is a relaxing retreat for you. What better way to do that than with the perfect home? Sign in and let us get started with your custom search. Whether your dream home has a fitness center on-site, or just a backyard niche for you to relax in, we are here to ensure that you always feel right at home.



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