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Best Pet Friendly Spots in Washington DC

In Washington DC, we take our pets seriously. People here all seem to have at least one, if not more, pets. And these dogs and cats are not just sitting at home waiting for their pet parents to come home. People take their pets everywhere with them.

Thus, many DC establishments of all types have grown accustomed to making their four-legged customers feel as pampered as their people. If you are crazy about your pets, here are some awesome pet-friendly businesses, activities, and destinations to meet your fur baby’s wildest expectations in Washington DC.

Kimpton Hotels: The Most Pet-Friendly Hotel in America

If you are planning to visit DC or if you have pet-crazy friends and family coming to town, the only place to stay is one of the many Kimpton Hotels in the area.

Kimpton’s pet-friendly policy is second to none, and they even have a Director of Pet Relations on-site (spoiler alert: it’s a dog). The concierge will direct you to local pet-friendly sites nearby.  And you can get pet beds, food, water bowls, and mats delivered to your room.

There is no limit on the number or size of the pet. And there’s even a nightly wine reception, where you and your pet can both make some new acquaintances!

The National Mall

If you are looking for wide-open spaces, you’ll love going to The National Mall with your pet. Though dogs must be on a leash, they’ll find plenty of room to roam and plenty of admirers. If you plan to visit the outdoor monuments up close, you will need to carry your pet, so that might be an outing for your Bichon rather than your St. Bernard.

Dog Parks

As you can imagine, DC has many great dog parks and, of course, everyone thinks theirs is the best. Shaw Dog Park gets high marks for its gravel surface (which cuts down on muddy paws) and convenient parking.

S Street Dog Park provides a turf surface to keep things clean and a water fountain to help your playful dog stay hydrated. Langdon Dog Park is well-maintained and gets high marks for the friendliness of both its two-legged and four-legged denizens.

Restaurants That Love Pets

Many DC restaurants and bars are very accommodating to pets and welcome them in their outdoor seating areas. Scion Restaurant on P Street, Chef Geoff’s, Wonderland Ballroom, and Logan Tavern are just a few of the many highly regarded places where your pet can join in the fun and hang out with you and your friends.

Many will bring out a bowl of water just to ensure that your pet doesn’t feel left out.

Shop with Fido

Whether you’re out walking the Canal Towpath in Georgetown or walking home from a dog park, there are plenty of shops where dogs are welcomed (and maybe even offered a little treat).

LUSH Cosmetics, Home Rule, and East City Bookshop treat your best friend like family. F Street’s Anthro and M Street’s Bluemercury are also pet-friendly.

And if you love an old-fashioned hardware store while you’re tackling your to-do list, you can take your pet to beloved Frager’s Hardware.

DC’s Condos and Apartments

It seems DC developers have been in a race to see who can create the most pet-friendly environment.

From Pet of the Month recognition to an in-house communal English Bulldog to pet spas galore, DC knows how to treat pets, and pet owners, right. One apartment building is even lauded for a rooftop dog park!

If your pet’s happiness is a priority, we can ensure that your real estate search starts with the kind of focus and care you want and expect. Whether you want a condo with pet-friendly amenities or proximity to an awesome dog park, your Eng Garcia Realtor will ensure that you and your precious pets find a place that makes you feel right at home.



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