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Best Coastal Cities For Families From Seattle To Key West

Finding a home for your family can be tricky if you don’t know what to look for. You want to find an area with good schools, plenty of fun things to do, and great communities so your children can thrive. Lucky for you, many different spots around the country would be perfect for those who are moving with their families. If you want to know a bit more about them, keep reading to see the best coastal cities for families. 

Coastal Cities for Families

A coastal city is a city located along one of the major coastlines or lakes and is often well known for having easy access to beautiful beaches and spectacular views of the water. People have started to seek out homes in these areas for their families because these areas often cater to those on vacation, meaning there are plenty of fun things for families to do. Fun features combined with amazing weather means you’re more likely to spend time outside enjoying the sunshine, and that’s great for families that want to spend more time together. 

America is full of amazing coastal cities, so let’s take a look at some of the best coastal cities for families. 

1) Seattle, Washington

View of buildings in Seattle best coastal city for families
Seattle is a wonderful place for families.

If you want to be surrounded by incredible nature while living in a city with fantastic schools and delightful neighborhoods, then you need to check out some of the beautiful homes available in the city of Seattle. The city is known for its amazing forests, booming tech industry, and relaxed vibe—not to mention the tranquility that comes from living along the water. Families have started to gravitate to this West Coast gem for many different reasons, and plenty of affordable neighborhoods are perfect for families. 

The city has many different types of homes, and it’s done a great job of keeping up with the influx of new residents, so there are plenty of homes on the market. Downtown Seattle is mostly condos and apartments, but it’s home to intriguing attractions like the Museum of Pop Culture and the Space Needle. Most of the neighborhoods are residential, so you can expect to find single-family homes and even larger luxury homes in ideal locations that offer a bit more peace and quiet. 

2) Daytona Beach, Florida

Condos on the beach
Daytona Beach is sunny, with plenty of things for families

Some people crave the sunshine when they’re looking for a new home for their family, and one of the best places to consider for that is beautiful Daytona Beach in Florida. This gorgeous city is known for its incredible white sandy beaches along with its fantastic family-friendly atmosphere. Daytona Beach is a tourist hotspot, so it is chock full of great family-friendly places to go and things to do. 

The Boardwalk is one of the most popular places for families to go, and it features plenty of rides, food, and games so you can enjoy a whole day of fun with the family. Residents can also enjoy the nearby beaches, which are famous for being some of the best-kept beaches in the country. The rise in tourism has led to a housing boom featuring plenty of condo buildings, but there are still plenty of amazing single-family homes available all over the city. 

3) Salt Lake City, Utah

Big Lake
Salt Lake City is an outdoor mecca with a huge lake.

Many coastal cities have a reputation for having a party atmosphere, but Salt Lake City is quite the opposite. The city is perfect for those looking for a fabulous home near a large lake and mountains, and the community has become popular with those looking for a family-friendly space for their children. The city has been ranked as the 6th most kid-friendly city in the USA for its abundance of museums, play places, and events that cater to kids of all ages. 

People love to come to the city to experience some of the exciting features geared toward kids, like the Natural History Museum of Utah, the Clark Planetarium, and the amazing Hogle Zoo. Salt Lake City has become one of the fastest-growing cities in the last few years, with many new homes available in many styles. 

4) The Keys, Florida

Palm trees on the beach
The Keys and Key West are wonderful places to raise a family.

We mentioned earlier how many families are looking to add a bit of vitamin D to their kid’s diets by choosing a sunny state, and Florida is full of picture-perfect coastal cities to explore. The Keys, south of Miami, is a beautiful area full of lots of outdoor activities and high temperatures for the majority of the year, meaning you’ll be able to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle in the Great Outdoors. Current residents love the amazing schools, the fun atmosphere, and the wide variety of festivals that are hosted all year round. 

There are ample things to do in the Key West area that are great for families, including one of the many animal experiences (Butterfly Conservatory, Dolphin Watch Boat Tour, or a Shark and Wildlife viewing tour) or some of the more adventurous water sports and equipment rentals on available on the beach. Key West has become one of the most popular spots to go to if you are looking for a new condo, and there are typically a great number available on the housing market that are located just minutes away from the ocean. Single-family homes are harder to come by, but quite a few larger luxury homes are located right on the water. 

These are just a few spots around the country that are ideal for anyone who wants to find the perfect coastal city to grow their family. Have a look at some of the homes available in these areas to get a better idea of what’s out there. These cities have plenty of different homes available at all price levels, so look online to see which homes suit you and your family best. 

5) The Washington DC Metro Area

The Capital building in Washington DC
The DC area has plenty of rivers and is close to the Atlantic Ocean.

Washington, DC, doesn’t first come to mind when talking about a coastal city. However, there is plenty of recreation on the various large rivers in the area, and world-famous beaches are only a short drive away. Northern Virginia has some of the best schools in the nation, and job opportunities are second to none.

The nation’s capital doesn’t disappoint with things to do either. You and your family will never be bored in the DC metro area. If you’re looking for a home in the DC area, let the experienced realtors at Eng Garcia help you!

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