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Monthly Archives: January 2022

    The Best 7 Coffee Shops In Washington DC to Work From

    By Lori Mang | January 31, 2022

    Working from home can be a blessing, but it can also be a burden. Since the pandemic started, many people have begun working from home and are pleased with the outcome. They experience increased creativity, more relaxation, and less stress. Some of them, though, feel the need for a change of scenery. Working from home... Read More

    7 Cheap things to do on Valentine’s Day Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

    By Lori Mang | January 27, 2022

    Buying a home is an exciting but stressful time in a couple’s life—at the end, you get a new place to live, but you have to provide what seems like a million documents to the lender and jump through endless other hoops. Buying a home around Valentine’s Day can be even more stressful. The last... Read More

    Tips for Selling Your Home Fast This Spring

    By Daisy Eugenio | January 14, 2022

    Time is of the essence when trying to sell your home. If you want to close the deal before the last blossom falls off the cherry trees, you’ve got to start preparing in the winter. Sell your house quickly this spring by sprucing it up now. From the Curb After searching the internet and viewing... Read More

    The Difference Between Second Homes and Investment Properties

    By Lori Mang | January 11, 2022

    The decision to buy another property is a big one, and there are many things to consider before you leap. When you’re contemplating purchasing a new home in Washington DC, determining the kind of property you are looking for is an essential first step. And, despite their similarities, second homes and investment properties are not... Read More

    8 Washington DC Neighborhoods Perfect for Families

    By Lori Mang | January 4, 2022

    Each year, more and more families are moving to our nation’s capital. They’re drawn by the extremely attractive job market, the culture, and excellent school districts. If you and your family are thinking about moving to the DC area, check out these eight family-friendly neighborhoods. Each one has a unique combination of libraries, parks, museums,... Read More