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Monthly Archives: September 2020

    Real Estate Developers in DC You Need to Know

    By Lori Mang | September 29, 2020

    DC is such an exciting place to live, for many reasons. Of course, for those of us who live and breathe real estate, part of what makes DC such a wonderful place is the unique mix of preservation and reinvention that is so much a part of the DC cityscape. Some cities create historic preservation... Read More

    5 Questions to Ask a Realtor When Shopping for a Home

    By Lori Mang | September 24, 2020

      Matt Lee, owner of Innovative Building Materials is our guest blogger today. Although the benefits of homeownership are innumerable, the fact remains that purchasing a home is scary. After all, an entire life’s savings can be signed away to make that initial down payment–a down payment that is likely to be a mere fraction... Read More

    Do You Know the Best DC Neighborhoods for Families That Need a Yard?

    By Lori Mang | September 22, 2020

    For many of us, nothing beats the convenience of a condo or townhome, where outdoor maintenance, lawns, and common areas are taken care of. But if you’re craving an outdoor area for cookouts, swingsets, or pets, you may be looking for a single-family home. DC has a well-deserved reputation as an expensive town. Nonetheless, there... Read More

    Neighborhood Profile: Foggy Bottom DC

    By Lori Mang | September 17, 2020

    Running northwest from the White House, Foggy Bottom DC is one of the oldest areas in town. Dating from the mid-18th century, its name comes from a geographic quirk in which the area’s low-lying riverside land tends to trap fog or smoky air, and the name was extended to the US Department of State when... Read More

    Restaurants in DC Best for Quick Bites

    By Lori Mang | September 15, 2020

      We love trying all of the incredible fine dining restaurants throughout DC. After all, this is the mecca for so many of the most innovative chefs and restaurateurs in the country, and it seems like every neighborhood has its Michelin-in-the-making iconic eatery. But at the same time, we’re all so busy and we don’t... Read More

    Neighborhood Profile: Chinatown in DC

    By Lori Mang | September 10, 2020

        The Chinatown in DC neighborhood dates from the 1880s, though it has gone through a number of different forms and locations. The current iteration is along H and I Streets, between 5th and 8th Streets Northwest. Along with about 20 ethnic Asian restaurants and businesses, it is home to landmarks, festivals, and a... Read More

    7 Great Places to Volunteer in DC

    By Lori Mang | September 8, 2020

    It’s so easy to get wrapped up in our daily routine and focused on our own concerns. For many of us, staring at screens becomes a substitute for connection and our world becomes narrowed to the people we work with, live with, and tweet at. If you’re looking for opportunities to broaden your horizons and... Read More

    Neighborhood Profile: Shaw DC

    By Lori Mang | September 2, 2020

        One of the most popular, storied, and desirable neighborhoods is the Shaw DC neighborhood, located in the Northwest part of town.  It’s the home to Howard University, Ben’s Chili Bowl, and a score of other iconic DC landmarks. Shaw is a neighborhood that combines respect for the past with an eye to the... Read More