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10 Costly Real Estate Photography Mistakes You Must Avoid

Real estate photography is a crucial component of marketing a home. It has the potential to make or break a deal. Photographs are the first thing buyers see when searching for houses online in today’s digital era.

Thus, it’s critical to capture quality photographs highlighting the property’s best aspects if you’re trying to sell your home online.

Unfortunately, there are many instances where real estate photography mistakes have jeopardized the impact of a good listing. Here’s what you need to know to prevent such blunders! Here are our 10 best tips for avoiding costly real estate photography mistakes.

Woman taking real estate photography
Make sure your real estate photography is on point!

1. Ignoring Angles

Angles can make or break real estate photos. A good angle may make a space appear larger and more expansive. A terrible viewpoint, on the other hand, might make the same room appear tiny and confined. So, when shooting photographs, it is critical to select the proper angles. Take the time to experiment with numerous angles to find the best one.

2. Making Use of a Fish-Eye Lens

Yes. A fish-eye lens provides an interesting perspective to a photograph. But it can also distort the photos. The distorted images may not accurately portray the property. To get the most realistic portrayal of the property, use a standard lens instead of a fish-eye lens.

3. Having Personal Objects in the Shot

Not removing personal things from the photograph creates distractions. Such objects might be family portraits, toys, or anything else that does not belong in the shot. You may use an AI object removal tool to eliminate unwanted elements from the shot effectively. If you are well-versed in the software, Photoshop and Lightroom can also do what is needed.

4. Messy or Unclean Setting

Before shooting, the property should be clean and orderly. A messy or untidy environment will make the home appear unappealing. To ensure that images are of the best quality, you may need to clean and declutter each room just before shooting. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it.

5. Lighting

In real estate photography, proper lighting is critical. Images that are too dark or bright will make a home appear undesirable. Instead, take your shots throughout the day when there’s plenty of natural light. You may use a flash or other lighting equipment to highlight the most extraordinary qualities of the property. However, even with these precautions, lighting can sometimes be tricky to get just right.

This is where an AI image enhancer can be a game-changer. This tool uses artificial intelligence to optimize the lighting in your photos, correcting images that are too dark or too bright. It adjusts various aspects of the picture, such as brightness and sharpness, to produce a visually appealing result.

6. Using a Flash

Another common real estate photography mistake is directly pointing the flash into a room. It creates harsh shadows and unflattering lighting. Using a diffuser or bouncing the flash off a nearby surface is best to create more natural lighting.

7. Failing to Show the Exterior Properly

The exterior of the property is just as important as the interior. It is essential to show the property’s curb appeal and outdoor features, such as a patio or pool. Failing to pay enough attention to exterior real estate photography can make the property less appealing to potential buyers.

8. Including Expensive Objects

Awareness of any expensive objects depicted in the images is critical. Expensive things or gadgets should not be photographed since they may expose the homeowner to theft. You can separately mention them to the buyer if they are a part of the deal. And if they are not, then as such, they are not needed in the pictures.

9. Taking Pictures Without a List

A shot list is a collection of photographs you aim to take throughout the session. This list keeps the work organized. You would be surprised to know that shooting without a shot list is a typical photography mistake many professionals make. As a result, crucial details and features of the property get overlooked.

10. Including Pets

We all love our pets. But they are a distraction, not adding any value to the image. So, keeping your furry friends out of the shot is essential. Furthermore, some prospective buyers may be allergic to pets, and the presence of a pet may make the home less desirable.

In a nutshell, your images highlight the most significant characteristics of the home and attract potential buyers by avoiding these common real estate photography mistakes. To get the perfect photo, remember to take your time, pay attention to details, and be organized. Happy selling!

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